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    Although Valentine’s Day has become a global industry with more than 80 million roses sold worldwide, the origins of the day are unclear and hidden in the mists of time. Nobody knows exactly who St Valentine was. 情人節 Valentine’s Day 已經是一個全球化的產業。僅情人節這一天,全球玫瑰花的銷量就達到八千多萬朵。可是情人節究竟是怎么來的,何時開始的,歷史上沒有很清楚的記載和說明。沒有人清楚地知道 St Valentine 到底是誰。

    The legend has it that St Valentine was a priest in ancient Rome. The emperor had forbidden marriage because he wanted men to fight in his army. Valentine didn’t agree with the emperor, so he married couples in secret and was caught.據說 St Valentine 是生活在古羅馬時代的一名神父。當時的羅馬皇帝禁止人們結婚,因為他要更多的男人加入他的軍隊。 Valentine不同意皇帝的決定,秘密的主持了婚禮,成全了很多對新人,但最終還是被發現了。

    Valentine was thrown into jail and sentenced to death on 14 February. On the final day, he sent a love letter signed "From your Valentine" to his lover.Valentine 被捕入獄后,無法幸免死刑的厄運。他被殺害的那天是2月14日。他臨死前給愛人寫了封信并署名 “From your Valentine 寄自你的Valentine”。

    It’s thought that the first recorded Valentine’s card was sent by the Duke of Orleans in 1415. He was in prison at the time. He wrote love poems to his wife, so he didn't feel so lonely and isolated in the cell. 據說史上第一張有記載的情人卡 Valentine’s card 是奧爾良公爵于1415年在獄中寫的。他被監禁后,以給他妻子寫詩的方式尋求安慰。