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    FOR value RECEIVED,the undersigned does hereby sell, transfer, assign and set over to _____all his right, tile and interest in and to a certain contract dated_____, 19 _____by and between the undersigned and _____,a copy of which is annexed hereto.   在這里的同義詞和近義詞并列(如sell, transfer, assign and set over,right和 tile and interest),在英文合同里十分普遍。這是出于嚴謹和杜絕漏洞的考慮,有的也屬于合同用語的固定模式。如:

    This agreement is made and entered into by and between Party A and Party B.句中“made and entered into”和“by and between”兩組分別屬于同義詞和相關詞并列。

    For and in consideration of mutual covenants and agreements contained herein, the parties hereby covenant and agree as follows: 句中“for and in consideration of ”, “covenants and agreements”三組同義司和近義詞并列。

    The parties have agreed to vary the Management on the terms and subject to the conditions contained herein. 這里的“on the terms”和“subject to the conditions”是一個意思,都表示“依照本協議的條款規定”。合同條款的固定模式是“terms and conditions”  再例如:“Party A wishes to be released and discharged from agreement as from the effective date”,一句中的“release”和“discharge”的意思幾乎相同。

    并列的詞還有:   ships and vessels   support and maintenance   licenses and permits   charges, fees, costs and expenses   any and all   any duties, obligations or liabilities   the partners, their heirs, successors and assigns