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  • 行業新聞


    合同用詞不以大眾是否理解和接受為轉移,它是合同語言準確表達的保障。如合同出現的“瑕疵”、“救濟”、“不可抗力”、“管轄”、“損毀”、“滅失”等就可能讓非行業人士費解,用以上英語表達分別為defect,remedy,force majeure /Act of God,jurisdiction,damage and/or loss。另外幾乎每個合同都少不了hereinafter referred to as ,such... as ,whereas, in witness whereof, for and on behalf of , hereby, thereof 等虛詞,就其中幾個細說:

    比如:   1. Hereby: by means of; by reason of this之意,即特此,因此,茲等意。常用于法律文件、合同協議的正式文件的開頭語,在條款中需要強調時也可用。舉原文說明,如:The Employer hereby covenants to pay the Contractor in consideration of the execution and completion of the Works and the remedying of defects therein the Contract Price or such other sum as may become payable under the provisions of the Contract at the time and in the manner prescribed by the Contract. 文中:   ★hereby意為 by reason of this,特此的意思。   ★ therein意為in the Works在本工程中。   ★ such...as是關系代詞,相當于that, which,把要限定的詞置于such與as之間使要限定的名詞十分明確,避免合同雙方在理解上發生爭議。

    其它的還有:   “賠償”用“indemnities”,而不用“compensation”   “不動產轉讓”用“conveyance”,而不用“transfer of real estate”   “房屋出租”用“tenancy”,而“財產出租”用“lease of property”   “停業”用“wind up a business”或“cease (名詞是cessation) a business”,而不用“end/stop a business”。   還款或專利申請的“寬限期”英文為“grace”,   “當事人在破產中的和解”用“composition”   “依照合同相關規定”一般說成“pursuant to provisions contained herein”或“as provided herein”等,不說成“according to relevant terms and conditions in the contract”。   “合同任何一方當事人不得轉讓本合同”英文表述為“Neither party hereto may assign this contract”,其中“hereto”表示“to the contract”,選用“Neither party to the contract”較少。