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  • 行業新聞



    重點項目→key project

    重點工作→focal point of the work

    重點發展→put priority on the development of sth

    重點推廣→make sth the keystone of popularization

    主張改革→favor reforms/in favor of reforms

    重點支持生產區發展糧食生產→Support will be focused on increasing production in major grain producing areas.


    大多數美國人,尤其是少數民族,都確信美國經濟制度中存在著不公正現象。 Most people in America, minority people in particular, are convinced that injustices exist in their economic system.

    最高級會議的準備工作繼續進行。 Preparations for the summit meeting continued. promote innovation on a national scale

    促進全國的創新工作 世界形勢繼續發生深刻變化。 The world is further witnessing deep changes.


    充分發揮積極性→ give full play to one’s initiative bring one’s initiative into full play

    我們應當充分發揚自力更生的精神。 We should give full play to the spirit of self-reliance.

    科研機構轉制為企業后,將建立現代企業制度,適應市場需要,從而充分發揮其研究、開發和創新的優勢。 Scientific research institutions, when transformed into enterprises, shall establish the modern enterprise system and orient/gear themselves geared to the needs of the market, giving full play to their strength in research, development and innovation.



    中國將扶持有利于高新技術發展的資本市場。 China will help foster capital markets conducive to the development of high-tech industries.


    hand in hand/join hands/work jointly/make a concerted effort

    中國的科技部門將與國際科技界和全球經濟界、商界攜手共建新世界的創業平臺。 China’s science and technology sector will work in partnership with the international community of science and technology as well as the economic and business circles of the world to build up a platform for innovation in the new century.