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  • 行業新聞



    1)We take this opportunity to inform you that we are now in position to make prompt shipment of the merchandise. 茲奉告,該商品可即期裝運。(譯文比原文大為簡明,除減去了"take this opportunity"這一陳腐的表達外,還省略了三個代詞,并用一個"可"字代替了原文中"in a position"這樣繁復的表達方式)


    1)Any expenses accruing from this credit inquiry will be gladly paid on receipt of your bill. 對此信用咨詢所需任何費用,在接到帳單后即付。

    2)On condition that you sign this receipt, I will pay the money. 你在收據上簽字,我就付款。(原文是通過連詞來表示"條件"的,而漢語則是通過從句和 主句的前后順序來表達這一關系的)

    3)The price of the products should be set according to the price in the international market. It should be fixed by the two parties at a level that will bring profit to both. 產品價格應該根據國際市場的價格,由雙方共同商定,須照顧到雙方的利益。(譯文看似沒譯"at a level",但字里行間卻含有其意)

    4)Part-time waitress applicants who had worked at a job would receive preference over those who had not.應聘業余女服務員者,有工作經驗的優先錄用。(如果不作省略,譯成"應聘業余女服務員者,有工作經驗的,比沒有工作經驗的,優先錄用",其中"比沒有工作經驗的"就屬多余了)

    5)男女老少咸宜。Suitable for men, women and children.

    6)互能有無 the exchange of needed goods(試比較:the exchange of what one has for what one needs)