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  • 行業新聞



    1. 表示具體意義的“在……下”。如:Your bag is under the bed. 你的提包在床底下。She put the letter under the pillow. 她把信放在枕頭下。Under a microscope a hair looks like a thick stick. 在顯微鏡下,一根頭發看上去像根大粗棍子。

    2. 表示抽象意義的“在……下”。如:We did the work under his direction. 我們在他的指導下工作。Under present conditions no change is possible. 在目前情況下不可能有變化。It’s hard to stay sane under such awful pressure. 處于這種可怕的壓力之下,不瘋才怪呢。The group flourished under her firm leadership. 這個團隊在她的堅定領導下興旺發達。Under the new management things have gone from bad to worse. 在新的管理人員領導下,情況反而更壞了。


    The trees threw long shadows in the moonlight. 在月光下,樹木投出了長長的影子。Make sure that the figures on the dial can be seen in direct sunlight. 要確保刻度盤上的數字在日光下可以看見。In given conditions a bad thing can be turned into a good one. 在一定條件下,壞事可以變為好事。Time is an important consideration in this case. 在這種情況下,時間是一個要考慮的重要因素。In the ordinary course of events, I visit her once a week. 在一般情況下,我每周去看她一次。In most instances the pain soon goes away. 在多數情況下,這種疼痛很快就消失。


    He got back his wallet with the help of the police. 在警察的幫助下,他找回了自己的錢包。With the teacher’s help, I worked out the problem at last. 在老師的幫助下,我終于算出了這道習題。I left as early as was consistent with politeness. 我在不失禮的情況下,提前離去了。


    He worked by the light of a candle. 他在燭光下工作。Animated by fresh hope, he started again. 他在新希望的激勵之下,又從頭做起。


    Don’t expose your skin to the sun for long. 別讓皮膚長時間暴露在陽光下。