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  • 行業新聞


    漢譯英翻譯重點 謂語的確定與主謂一致問題,謂語的確定應該基于表意的需要

    1) 中央gov不干預香港特別行政區的事務。a. The Central Government has refrained from intervening in the affairs of the HKSAR.b. The Central Government has never intervened in the affairs of the HKSAR.

    2) 中國的經濟將融入世界經濟的大潮。a. The economy of China will merge into the tide of the world economy.b. The economy of China will converge with that of the world economy.

    3) 這事到了現在,還是時時記起。a. Even now, this remains fresh in my memory.b. Even now, I still often think about it.

    4) 世紀之交,中國外交空前活躍。a. The turn of the century finds China most active on the diplomatic arena.b. At the turn of the century, China is very active in its diplomatic activities.

    5) 在同新聞界談話的時候,上海人使用越來越多的最高級形容詞。a. When they talk to press, the Shanghai citizens use more and more adjectives of the superlative degree.b. You can hear Shanghai people using more and more adjectives of the superlative degree when they talk to the press.

    6) 我又閑了一個多月了啦!a. I’ve been idle for another month now.b. Another month now and I’ve had no work.

    7) (頤和園)1900年遭八國聯軍破壞。a. The palace was reduced to ruins by the allied forces of the eight foreign powers.b. The palace suffered ravage in the hands of the allied forces of the eight foreign powers.

    8) 她們逐漸地鎮定下來,有了自信。a. They gradually calmed down, restored self-confidence.b. Gradually, they calmed down and regained self-confidence.

    9) 封建社會代替奴隸社會,資本主義代替封建主義,社會主義經歷一個過程發展后必然代替資本主義。Feudal society replaced slavery society, capitalism supplanted feudalism, and, after a long time, socialism will necessarily supercede capitalism.

    10) (一個世紀以來,中國人民在前進道路上經歷了三次歷史性的巨大變化……)第一次是辛亥革命,……第二次是中華人民共和國的成立,……第三次是改革開放……The first change was represented by the Revolution of 1911…The second change was marked by the founding of the People’s Republic of China…The third change was featured by the reform, opening-up policy…