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  • 行業新聞


    增補主語 1、 推敲語境 2、 考慮英語語法習慣和行文的需要

    沉默呵,沉默呵!不在沉默中爆發,就在沉默中滅亡。 Silence, silence! Unless we burst out, we shall perish in this silence!

    起大風了。 It’s blowing hard.

    用勞動實現自己的理想,用理想指導自己的勞動。 You realize your ideals through labor and you guide your labor by ideals.

    1) 中國社會主義建設的航船將乘風破浪的駛向現代化的光輝彼岸。 a. The ship of China’s socialist construction will brave the wind and waves and sail to the glorious destination of modernization. b. China will stride forward in building socialism, like a ship braving the wind and the waves, towards the glorious destination of modernization.

    2) 我們之間關系的發展使我們不僅成為親密的朋友,而且成為兄弟。 a. The development of our relations has made us not only close friends but also brothers. b. Our relations have so grown that bind us not only as close friends but also as brothers.

    3) 他心直口快,總是愿意和任何人交朋友,所以很快就贏得了大家的信任。 a. His outspokenness and readiness to make friends with anyone soon won their trust. b. He was very outspoken and always ready to make friends with anyone, so he won their trust.

    4) 中國的富強和發展不會對任何國家構成威脅。 a. A strong, prosperous and developed China will pose no threat to any countries. b. The strength, prosperity and development of China will pose no threat to any countries.

    5) 輕紡工業產品的花色品種增多,質量繼續有所提高。 a. The designs and variety of light industrial and textile products have increased and their quality has continued to improve.b. Light industry and textile products are now available in better designs and quality and richer variety.

    6) 樓的質量不好。 a. The building is not well built. b. The quality of the building is poor.