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  • 行業新聞



    1) His wealth enables him to do everything. 他有錢,什么事都能干。

    2) His contemptuous attitude towards us is contemptible. 他以藐視的態度對待我們,這種態度是可鄙的。

    漢譯英翻譯重點 主語的確定

    1) 世紀之交,中國外交空前活躍。 a) The turn of the century finds China most attractive on the diplomatic arena. b) At the turn of the century, China is very active in its diplomatic activities.

    中國發生了翻天覆地的變化。 Great changes have taken place in China. China has witnessed tremendous changes.

    2) 一九六四年十月中國爆炸了第一顆原子彈,使世界大為震驚。 a. China’s first atomic blast in October, 1964 was a great shock to the rest of the world. b. In October, 1964, China blasted its first atomic bomb, which shocked the rest of the world greatly.

    3) 胎又癟了。 a. We’ve got another flat tire. b. Our tire is flat again.

    4) 人不可貌相,海水不可斗量。 a. It is impossible to judge people from their appearance, and impossible to measure the ocean by pints. b. We can’t judge people from their appearance, just as we can’t measure the ocean by pints.