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  • 行業新聞


    9. Learn how to take care of yourself.學會照顧好自己。

    Eat sensibly, exercise regularly, and get sufficient sleep. These are all habits required of a good translator/interpreter.理性飲食、規律運動并保證睡眠充足。以上都是成為優秀筆譯員/口譯員的必備習慣。

    10. Be prepared for lifelong learning.做好終生學習的準備。

    Be patient. Bringing your language skills and analytical skills up to the level required of a professional translator or interpreter is not a task that can be accomplished in a few short years. Only with a lot of sustained hard work can anyone truly succeed in these challenging and exciting fields.要耐心。專業筆譯員或口譯員的語言技能和分析能力并非一兩年就能達到的。只有付出持之以恒的辛勤努力,你才能在這些既充滿挑戰又令人興奮的領域里獲得成功。