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  • 行業新聞


    81. 冷血動物cold fish

    She won't help you.She's a cold fish. 她是個冷血動物,不會幫你的。

    82. 力不從心not within one's power

    I would like to give her a hand, but it's not within my power. 我想幫她,但是力不從心。

    83. 兩全其美a win-win situation

    Everyone will be happy because this is a win-win situation. 由於兩全其美,因此皆大歡喜。

    84. 龍飛鳳舞the handwriting of a doctor

    He has the handwriting of a doctor.It's not easy to read. 他的字寫得龍飛鳳舞 ,不容易認。

    85. 馬不停蹄always on the move

    That singer is always on the move performing. 那歌星馬不停蹄地作表演。

    86. 賣關子telling a story bit by bit

    He is telling the story bit by bit. 他在賣關子。

    87. 賣命work one's life away

    He works his life away to give his family happiness. 他為了家人幸福賣命工作。

    88. 木已成舟a done dealIt's a done deal.

    You must face the reality.木已成舟,你要面對現實。

    89. 耐人尋味thought-provoking

    His speech was really thought-provoking. 他的演講非常耐人尋味。

    90. 南腔北調with various ‘accents

    The conversation at the party was filled with various accents. 宴會裡南腔北調什麼都有。