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  • 行業新聞


    51. 翻臉go off

    He just went off all of a sudden. 他說翻臉就翻臉。

    52. 飯桶airhead

    You are such an airhead! 你真是個飯桶!

    53. 風涼話insensitive remarks

    She often makes insensitive remarks. 她常說風涼話。

    54. 風馬牛不相及neither here nor there

    All of this talking is neither here nor there. Let's get the point. 別淨扯風馬牛不相及的事,言歸正傳吧!

    55. 蓋棺論定conclude a matter

    It is too early to conclude this matter. 現在對這事蓋棺論定為時過早。

    56. 乾瞪眼one's hands are tied

    He is angry, but his hands are tied. 他很生氣,但也只有乾瞪眼。

    57. 趕鴨子上架put someone on the spot

    My boss put me on the spot to do the work. 老闆要我做這工作,真是趕鴨子上架。

    58. 格格不入not fit in with

    She feels she doesn't fit in with those people. 她覺得和那些人格格不入。

    59. 個中老手no stranger to

    I'm no stranger to English. 我是英文的個中老手。

    60. 狗頭軍師buttinski

    Don't listen to him.He's a buttinski. 別聽他的,他只是個狗頭軍師。