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  • 行業新聞


    1. 愛理不理give the cold shoulder

    I don't know why she gave me the cold shoulder.我不知道為什麼她對我愛理不理。

    2. 擺架子put on airs

    Don't put on airs with me.I don't buy it.別對我擺架子,我不吃那一套。

    3. 白相go out and have fun

    Let's go out and have fun on the weekend.咱們周末出去白相白相。

    4. 白眼dirty look

    People give him dirty looks wherever he goes. 他到處遭人白眼。

    5. 抱粗腿 (結交權貴)get in with the rich ( powerful )

    He got in with the powerful people to get promoted. 他抱粗腿得到升遷。

    6. 避人耳目keep a low profile

    Keep a low profile when you do this. 做這件事時,要避人耳目。

    7. 變卦do an about face

    Did she do an about face? 她變卦了嗎?

    8. 兵荒馬亂the chaos of war

    They lost contact with each other during the chaos of the war. 他們在兵荒馬亂中失去連絡。

    9. 不管三七二十一despite the consequences

    Despite the consequences, he drank the glass of wine. 他不管三七二十一喝下那杯酒。

    10. 看不順眼rub one the wrong way

    He really rubs me the wrong way. 我看他很不順眼。