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  • 行業新聞



    1) After the fall of France, Germany was incomparably strongerthan England on the ground,about equally matched in the air,and gravely inferior at sea.法國崩潰之后,德國陸軍大大超過英國,空軍力量旗鼓相當,海軍則嚴重處于劣勢。

    2) The happiness the superior advantages of the young womenround about her, gave Rebecca inexpressible pangs of envy.(w.M.Thackeray:Vanity Fair)利蓓加看見她周圍的小姐們那么福氣,享受種種權利,說不出的眼紅。

    3) Poor Joe's panic lasted for two or three days; during which hedid not visit the house. (W.M.Thackeray:Vanity Fair)喬的恐 慌繼續了兩三天;這可憐蟲不肯回家。

    4) He was a clever man; apleasant companion; ncarelessstudent;withagreat propensity for running into debt,and口partiality for the tavern.(W.M.Thackeray:Vanity Fair)他是個聰明人,談吐非常風趣,可是不肯用苦功。他老是東借西挪,又喜歡上酒店喝酒。

    5)如今媽媽先當件大事,告訴眾人,倒顯得媽媽偏心溺愛,縱容他生事招人,今兒偶然吃了一次虧,媽媽就這樣興師動眾,倚著親戚之勢,欺壓常人。(曹雪芹:《紅樓夢》,第四十七回)If youmake such an issue of it and spread the news, everyone willthink you spoil your son and encourage him to make trouble andthat once he's beaten you raise口big rumpus, bullying humblefolk on the strength of your powerful relatives.